Restore your pelvic floor.

Many of us are quick to believe we can’t control things in our lives and particularly in our bodies. Our goal with VESy at Lead is to help you restore your pelvic floor, eliminating worry or discomfort and regaining your quality of life.

Having a baby doesn't mean you have to join the "pee club."

Childbirth results in changes to the pelvic floor nerves and muscles that can be reversed. Normal bladder function, sexual function, and support of the reproductive organs depends upon restoration of normal pelvic floor fitness.

Group of women with babies

Don't be worried or ashamed. Put away the incontinence products.

With VESy at Lead, clients have seen greater than 80% reduction in urge incontinence episodes. We are educating you and empowering you to take control of your body.

Confident woman with pilates mat

Incontinence is often a fitness issue. It's not pills or pads, it's Pilates!

Through the VESy program we will determine the exercises you need to properly engage and strengthen your pelvic floor. Work with our VESy Coaches and leave feeling confident!

Woman with strong pelvic floor running through field